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Chairman's Message

2019 is a year of changes!  After several years of quantitative easing, real estate asset prices in this region is almost certain to experience consolidation or corrections, at least this is the case for mainland China and Hong Kong.  Like it or not, some new styles of political leadership have rendered us confusing yet also presented us new opportunities.  Technologies will increasingly play a key role in our future economy, not only Proptech but also many aspects of our lives like smart city, industry transformation and the ways we conduct business.  


Hong Kong will have an important center role to play in the Greater Bay Area (9 cities in Guangdong province plus Hong Kong and Macau).  It is time for all industry players, big or small, to rethink and plan our road ahead.


Some may say we need to fasten our seat belt, others may look forward to a big new trend come our way.  No matter how you think and what you prepare to do, RECAS can be your partner along the way and be with you leveraging on our resources and expertise.  


Feel free to share with us your plans and views.  At RECAS, we are serious about your business and will work with you towards a brighter tomorrow. 

Ivan Ko


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