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In August 2017, RECAS was qualified by the Hong Kong Airport Authority as one of the developers to submit a tender bid for a world-class destination in the Hong Kong International Airport. The project,  named SKYCITY is a unique destination with 350,000 sq.m. floor area, offering one-stop, state-of-the-art retail, dining and entertainment experiences catering local and overseas visitors. 


RECAS partnered up with a local top developer, to consolidate on the Entertainment portion of the bid by sourcing futuristic, cutting-edge and advanced technology and entertainment partners globally to form the team. To fulfill the Airport Authorities requirements of an exclusive and all-in-one nature for the entertainment experience, RECAS has identified several categories and forms of entertainment, including education, technology, music, sports, arts and more. 


RECAS had successfully found 43 different Intellectual Properties and partnership proposals from vendors and operators to join hands in creating a winning formula. These operators include BBC Earth, Top-Gear, SEGA Joypolis, XXII, Parsons Music, Sherlock Holmes and more. Other than overseas well-known brands, RECAS has also included local artists for a touch of authenticity and a taste of Hong Kong. These experiences tingle with your five senses through technology advancements, sit or walk through some one-and-only rides with excitement and submerge your body into colourful lights of surreal reality.


RECAS received tremendous positive comments and had been spoken highly of its richness and diversity of the elements that were formed in the SkyCity bid. RECAS will further develop with its technology & entertainment partners on other business opportunities. 

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