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RECAS Group, your strategic partner in real estate, is launching a pioneering and proven construction technology to make your project site much safer, better managed and connected like a smart factory. BeeInventor, an IoT company specialized in construction technology, with its signature line of Das products already has many successful installations and applications in Hong Kong. 


The BeeInventor offers sets of smart construction management solutions using the latest technology pinpointing at people’s safety and effective management. Notable products include:

Dasloop - smart helmet protecting safety of people at site

Dastrack - smart detector for collision prevention

Daspower - smart meter for avoidance of machine breakdown


Up to today, Das IoT products have 30+ customers, installed in 50+ projects in Hong Kong, ran through 160GB+ of data with 1600M+ data points. These technological products were also specified in some tenders for contractor’s implementation, one of those is for the site formation and infrastructure works at Pik Wan Road, Yau Tong.


RECAS, as a real estate strategic player and being the distributor of Das IoT products, can help redefine site management for your development and greatly enhance its safety. RECAS strives to bridge the gap between problems and solutions, and bring better and safer environment to the real estate industry. 


For a presentation or demo on how to improve the productivity and safety at your site:



Smart helmet for safety and management



Smart detector for collision prevention



Smart ammeter for power detection

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