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RECAS Global Limited (previously known as Real Estate Capital Asset Services Limited) was found in 2004 by Chairman Ivan Ko to provide real estate asset management, investment management and advisory services to major industry players in the real estate market in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.


Throughout these years, RECAS has successfully concluded deals with Lehman Brothers, Sino-Ocean Land, Gemini Investment Holdings, Glory Land Group and HKRI Group among others.  In the past few years, RECAS has extended its business to UK and US.


In 2010, together with the former Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) Acting Chief Executive Samuel Lai and former KCRC Property Director Daniel Lam, RECAS Global formed RECAS Strategic Development Investment Management Limited, extending our business to development management, targeting railway/subway related properties and large scale real estate projects globally.


In 2016, RECAS has developed a quick online/offline real estate deals matchmaking platform called New Deal Exchange, aiming at facilitating investors and deal providers to connect their projects within 24 hours on a global basis.


In January 2017, a joint venture company is set up between a well-established US family Burrell and

RECAS to form Burrell-RECAS Asia Limited, LLC.

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